Eyebrow Microblading - Everything You Want To Know

How long does Microblading eyebrows last?

Comparing microblading to a traditional eyebrow tattoo is too general, although they have something in common. The method resembles tattooing and the pigment used provides a long-lasting effect and allows to enjoy beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows for up to two years. What are the different microblading methods and what effects on the eyebrows they provide? Is microblading worth all the hype? Keep on reading to find out!

What is microblading?

Microblading is a specialized cosmetic treatment, which consists of depoziting pigment under the surface of the skin to achieve a semi-permanent effect of defined arches. Depending on the chosen method, microblading is performed using tiny fine-point needles or various types of small blades. Microblading is aimed at: correcting the shape of the eyebrows, thickening the arches, emphasizing the color and filling in any sparse areas with realistic-looking hair-like strokes.

How eyebrow microblading works

Does microblading hurt?

It is considered painless. It's because brows aren't considered as a particularly senstitive area and the entire procedure doesn't cause intense pain. Howerer, prior to the treatment, the brow expert covers the skin with lidocaine, which numbs the skin topically and prevents discomfort during the procedure. Additionally, at the client's request, the eyebrows can be further anesthetized, just before the treatment.

Is it necessary to shave the brows prior to microblading?

In order to look natural, there's no need to shave the entire eyebrows. However, your brow expert will certainly remove any unnecessary hairs from the arches. This ensures a nice and natural shape, matching the client's face shape. We recomend leaving eyebrow mapping to the professionals but if you prefer, you can remove the unwanted hairs yourself. All you need is a good pair of precise tweezers, which painlessly grab every hair, even the shortest ones.


Traditional microblading 

This is currently one of the most popular and fashionable methods of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. The treatment is performed with a special microblading pen, equipped with a disposable blade. Eyebrow microblading allows to achieve the effect of natural-looking individual hairs. Eyebrow Microblading is recommended for people afraid of the typical eyebrow tattoo method who prefect a more natural look. Microblading provides the most subtle and semi-permanent eyebrow makeup.


This unique method of eyebrow makeup is performed using a rotary tool with a disposable needle. The effect looks very natural. The desired eyebrow shape is achieved by mimicking individual hairs along the entire arch. This method requires dexterity and advanced skills as it is very precise technically. Its artistry is all about drawing realistic-looking hairs matching natural brow hairs. The difficulty lies in controlling the utra-fine needle tool while drawing precise lines.

Powder brows/Ombre brows

This popular method of semi-permanent brow makeup is performed with a special tool, equipped with a needle. Ombre brow makeup is very subtle and gives a natural effect. It means filling in the whole arch with gradient color, using gentle motions with little pressure. This enables to achieve a subtle effect, resemebling brow powder makeup. The pigment is applied by grading the intensity of the color and creating a gradient darkest at the tail of the brow. Ombre brows ensure a very natural effect.

A painless and non-invasive method - microblading pen

If you dream of microblading effect but prefer to avoid invasive procedures and tattooing, you can try specialized brow makeup products that deliver a similar effect! Nanobrow Microblading Pen is a unique beauty product with a feather-thin tip that allows you to mimic individual brow hairs exactly like a professional microblading pen. The pen is durable, comfortable and precise and comes in highly pigmented and natural-looking shades.


It is especially important to take proper care of the skin in the first week following the procedure.

  • Do not use cosmetics causing irritation.
  • Don't touch the scabbing.
  • Give up using foundation, concealer or powder on irritated skin.
  • After a month following the procedure, go for lash growth serum.
  • Avoid sauna, pool, sun and tanning bed for a month following the procedure and always use UV protection.


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